Management 14 лютого 2020

Здорові стосунки в команді, емпатія в дизайні, лав бренди та емоційний дизайн

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Emotional design and people product relationship

Olya Kotseba — UI/UX Designer в DataArt, course curator of UX Writing.

How emotional design helps brands in 2020?

The product as a tool for solving problems is no longer relevant. Design based only on logic doesn't attract people. Users stopped paying attention to functionality, cause it's required by default. Now emotions from interaction with a product are more important. If consumers were looking for variability earlier — now they are looking for understanding and pleasure.

In this lecture we will analyze successful cases how to make a product memorable and build a relationship between the user and the product. Will try to understand how you could implement that important type of communication in your product.

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