Projector general offer for purchasing courses, intensives & professiums


Effective date: 01.01.2023

Date of latest changes: 12.01.2024

Hi there!

You are reading this because we, Projector Institute, want to make sure that our cooperation will be fair. Just imagine that we met in person and now we will tell you what services we offer, how to pay for them, what we expect from you during education and what to do if our expectations were not met.

Please read this Public offer and if you do not agree with it, please do not finish registration and then your usage of the Site is limited to reading.

Projector offers to individuals and companies (hereinafter – “Student”, for companies the student is an individual whose data are specified during registration) to join this service contract (hereinafter – “Contract”).

A service contract is the adhesion agreement, not a public contract within the meaning of article 633 of Civil Code of Ukraine, as Projector reserves the right to refuse to enter into agreement with the student if the person is not ready for the Course/Module/Professium/Intensive which had been chosen by him/her.

PLEASE read terms of this contract carefully and pay attention that any of the following steps:

  • Filling out the application for joining the Module/Course/Professium/Intensive;
  • Checking the box opposite the "I accept the terms of the public offer" field;
  • Paying a bill or using an online payment instrument to pay,

Done together and/or each separately, confirms your unequivocal, informed and unconditional acceptance of the terms of this contract and are equivalent to your own signature (here we have agreed on the procedure for taking actions, which is considered as acceptance of the offer and conclusion of the transaction according to the rules of the Law of Ukraine "On Electronic Commerce")


1.1 Projector Institute is a platform that helps professionals of various levels and specializations develop system and point skills in interface design, graphic design, development, front-end, project management, internet marketing, English, etc.

All educational materials are hosted and administered by Projector using a specialized software environment for taking online courses on the website (hereinafter - "Site" or "Platform"). Projector can change the Platform (specialized software) to another software environment at its own discretion, at the same time, the student must familiarize himself with the functionality and rules of the Platform. The use of the Platform (software environment) functions is included in the tuition fee.

1.2 Course/Module/Intensive is a set of educational elements (video and audio materials, assignments, etc.) that are provided throughout a certain period of time (duration) and are composed according to a certain topic (program) and within which services are provided.

Services during the Course/Module/Intensive are provided by persons engaged by Projector who meet the requirements for the quality of services. A corresponding curator/mentor/responsible manager is attached to each Course/Module/Intensive.

The duration of each Course/Module/Intensive is indicated on the Site and starts counting from the date of the first lesson. Projector can change the start date of the Course/Module/Intensive with the further informing of the Student no later than 3 days before the start. Also, the duration of the Course/Module/Intensive may vary depending on the pace of the group's work, but not more than for 3 months (taking into account vacations/holiday breaks, force majeure, etc.).

The program of each Course/Module/Intensive is developed at the discretion of the Projector, taking into account the specifics of the respective Course/Module/Intensive. The program is a set of unified educational components, compliance with which is mandatory for each student. Disagreement with a certain element of the Program is not a reason to refuse services as improperly provided.

Please note that some Courses/Modules/Intensives may have additional requirements and restrictions on a person's ability to become a Student (availability of certain skills and abilities; age of the person - taking into account the recommendations of developmental psychologists, taking into account the complexity of the program and workload, etc.). In this case, such additional conditions are indicated on the landing page of the Course/Module/Intensive or additionally communicated to the person who registered for participation in the training.

Upon completion of the Course/Module/Intensive, Students can receive a Projector’s own-type certificate of training’ completion, only if the Student has completed, and the curator has approved at least 70% of the homework and 100% of course projects (if any) before the date of completion of the Module (Course)/Intensive (in some training programs, the percentage of homework and/or other requirements necessary to obtain the Certificate may differ, what the manager and curator warn about at the beginning of the course, in particular, at the first webinar).

At the same time, Projector may set additional conditions for obtaining the Certificate, of which the Student will be informed in advance;

Students must complete course work (course project), which, at the discretion of the Projector, can be carried out either individually by each Student or in the form of group work. The Student isn’t entitled to choose the form of coursework (individual or in group). The course project consists of the practical solution of an educational case, including one from the Customer. Successful completion of the course project and its approval by the curator are mandatory conditions for receiving a Projector’s own-type certificate of training’ completion.

1.3 PROFESSIUM is a program that provides the student with the opportunity to obtain a sufficient level of knowledge to master a certain profession.

The professium consists of Modules (Courses), each of which is a separate course within the existing ones on the Site.

Each Professium is unique and has a unique name, because a different set of Modules (Courses) forms a unique set of skills and abilities of the student.


The student sees the vector of development of his skills;

Comfortable learning pace;

Understanding the scope of the necessary skills to master the profession;

Cost savings, because each individual Module (Course) within the Professium costs less than when it is purchased separately;

Career service (the best Students get employment opportunities with Projector partners);

Smooth transition from one Module (Course) to another without exams;

The student gets access to certain thematic lectures at the Library in addition to the main study.

1.5 Educational material - presentation, interactive material, video recording, homework, etc., which are posted on the Platform.

1.6 Personal account – the student’s account on the Platform, which is administered by Projector and through which the student gets access to Courses/Modules, Educational Materials, and other information which is necessary for the execution of the contract.


A. access to video lectures and additional materials of the curator/mentor (in the form of presentations, articles, audio and video files, links to external resources for familiarization, etc.) for a period of up to 12 months;

B. access to online meetings with a curator/mentor at least once every 2 weeks (carried out using the Zoom service or another similar service);

C. the possibility of using discounts or other special offers of Projector partners for additional services/tools;

D. access to some thematic lectures contained in the Projector online library on the Site (information about the list of such lectures can be provided by the manager of a separate Module (Course));

while studying at the Professium:

E. the possibility to move* to the next Module (Course) of the Professium, provided that the student (enrolment by the curator) completes at least 70% of homework and 100% of course projects by the date of completion of the Module (Course);

*What to do if the student is not admitted to the next Module (Course) of the Professium? He/she has several options:

Complete the Module (Course) from the beginning (with the next sets of students); in this case, the Student pays the full amount of the tuition fee for the Module (Course);

Go to another Module (Course) in a related Professium (change Professium to a related one), if available; in this case, the Student pays the full amount of tuition for the Module (Course);

Stop studying at the Professium.

F. the possibility to take breaks during the studying process between Modules (Courses) for no more than 6 (six) months* from the moment of completion of the last Module (Course), in this case, the student must contact the Manager of the Module (Course) to inform from which date he/she can continue his/her studies;

*In case if the break exceeds 6 (six) months and the Student wishes to continue the studies, he/she must re-enroll at the Professium, while:

- Modules (Courses) completed by the Student will be re-enrolled;

- The Student must complete the introductory task;

- The prices for each Module (Course) will be updated to the current ones.

G. the possibility of enrolling as a Module (Course) from the Professium of the relevant Projector Course completed within the last year (provided the Student has a certificate of completion of the Course); in this case, the Student can choose another Module (Course), or skip one Module (Course) at the Professium;

H. the possibility of obtaining Projector’s own-type Certificate upon completion of each Module (Course), for which the Student must complete and the curator must approve at least 70% of the homework and 100% of course projects by the date of completion of the Module (Course); at the same time, Projector may set additional conditions for obtaining the Certificate, about which the Student will be informed in advance;

I. preservation of access to all video lessons and additional materials of completed Modules (Courses) for a period of up to 12 months after completion of studies at the Professium;

J. feedback from the curator/mentor at least once a week (in written, video, or audio form).

Consider that by registering for the Module (Course)/Intensive, you give your unequivocal consent with the condition that no claims can be raised against the Projector regarding the effectiveness of the student’s application of the knowledge and skills acquired due to the training. Responsibility for the use of this knowledge and skills, as well as for any results, direct or indirect, resulting from the use of this knowledge and skills rests entirely with the Student.


3.1 The current price of the Course/Professium/Intensive is indicated on the relevant web page of the Course on the Site and (or) social networks or advertising materials.

Since the Professium is a set of Modules (Courses), the cost of the Professium is equal to the sum of the costs of all Modules (Courses) in its composition.

3.1.1. At the moment of admission to the Professium, the prices for each Module (Course) are fixed for the student, therefore, they will be unchanged regardless of whether the price of a certain Module (Course) on the Site changes. This condition is canceled if the student stops studying.

3.1.2. The student is given a discount in a fixed amount (for each Professium, the amount of the discount is indicated on the corresponding page of the Site) from the cost of the entire Professium. At the same time, the Student can use the specified discount while paying for the last Module (Course) of the corresponding Professium.

3.2. You can pay:

  • for a separate Course or Module (Course) as part of the Professium;
  • monthly.

For Intensive, payment is made immediately in full.

When paying on a modular basis, the price of a Module (Course) is lower than when paying monthly.

The first payment shall be made before the first class. Access to all materials of the Module (Course) is provided to the Student only after payment.

3.3 You can make payment in the national currency of Ukraine (at the exchange rate of the National Bank of Ukraine on the date of payment) - hryvnias through online payment systems used by the Site, as well as based on the issued invoice (in Ukrainian or English, in hryvnias and/or dollars/euro).

3.4. We will refund the money paid for the Module (Course) if the student makes a corresponding request within 7 days from the start date of the study. Please note that money paid for Video courses is non-refundable. In case of registration for the Intensive, money can be returned only before the start date of training (before the date of the first class). A different refund procedure may be specified on the Module/Course/Intensive Website - in this case, the conditions specified on the Website for a separate Module/Course/Intensive apply.

For the money refund the Student must send a written message to, indicating the impossibility of continuing studies. In all other cases, full or partial refunds are not provided.

3.5. The Student cannot request a reduction in the cost of the services or a refund if he/she did not use the services voluntarily, or through his/her own fault, or through third parties for whose behavior Projector is not responsible.

The services are considered to be properly provided by the Projector after the Student has access to the Course/Module/Intensive materials, in particular, if the Student familiarizes himself/herself with the Course/Module/Intensive materials. As a proof of familiarization can be used relevant recordings of the software (in particular, Notion), the student's listening to the lecture(s), and visiting other web pages with Course/Module/Intensive materials.

Any familiarization actions are considered as confirmation of the student’s acceptance of the provided services, testifying to his/her will to the onset of legal consequences of personally receiving the provided services in full and of the proper quality. In such a situation, the student does not need to sign the act of acceptance and transfer of the services provided (except the student asks to draw up and sign such an act).

If, for any reason, the student was absent from the webinars and/or other events within the Course/Module/Intensive, he cannot refer to non-provision or improper provision of services, if he familiarized himself with the Course/Module/Intensive materials.

3.6. If you decide to stop (not continue) your studies (passing the selected Module (Course)/Intensive), please note that you will not have a place in the next enrollment for the Module (Course)/Intensive and you will not be able to continue your studies from the moment you stopped. That is, you have the opportunity to start studying only from the very beginning of the Module (Course)/Intensive and on the condition that a new payment due to the current on the date of payment prices for the Module (Course)/Intensive is made.

3.7. If you pay monthly, we are going to send a notification about the date of the next payment to the e-mail address specified during registration on the Site. In the absence of the next payment by the specified date, materials for the continuation of the Module (Course) shall not be opened to the student.


4.1. On the condition of completing the test task that appears during registration, the student can make the first payment (clause 3.2), after which he gets access to the materials of the Module (Course)/Intensive through the personal account registered on the Site or through e-mail. Training begins on the day the Course is launched (the first Module (Course) of the Professium) or on the date of the first class (if it is Intensive).

4.2. The start date (of the set) of each Module (Course)/Intensive is indicated on the Site’ web page. A place in the group is reserved for the student only after the first payment has been made (clause 3.2).

4.3. You have the right to take several Modules (Courses)/Intensive in parallel if your knowledge base and skills allow it, and if a certain Module (Course)/Intensive does not require the previous completion of another (receiving certificate).

4.4. A student may be refused to be transferred to the next Module (Course)/Intensive and his/her studies at the Professium and/or Course/Intensive may be terminated in the following cases:

  • Ignoring homework and lectures by the Student;
  • Failure to complete (unsuccessful completion, not credited by the curator) the course project and completion of the Module (Course)/Intensive without receiving a certificate;
  • Violation of the Student's obligations specified in Section 5 of this contract.

4.5. If you have already taken a certain Module (Course) as a separate Projector’s Course and successfully completed it (received a certificate), such Module (Course) is automatically credited to you and you can immediately take the next Module (Course) of the Professium. If it is possible, Projector has the right to offer you Modules (Courses) to replace the ones you have already completed.

4.6. After successfully completing 1 or 2 Modules (Courses), you can change the Professium to a related one, in which these Modules (Courses) are also included in the Program.

4.7. Projector is not responsible if the Student misses a seminar, webinar, lecture, or other elements of the Module (Course)/Intensive, which is calculated for their perception by the student through his/her participation in the online broadcast in accordance with the Program of the training.

4.8. All educational materials are copyrighted and subjective, Student may not agree with the views expressed in these materials. In this case, the Student can notify Projector by e-mail, indicating sufficient reasons. Projector has the right, at its sole discretion, to respond or not to respond to such a request. The student’s disagreement with the educational material and/or the order or form of its presentation is not a reason for unilateral rejection of the Module (Course)/ Intensive as a service of poor quality.

4.9. During the completion of the Module (Course)/Intensive, the Student can receive online support via e-mail or a chat that shall be created (Viber, Telegram, Slack) or another communication channel chosen by the Projector. Online support can be in the form of consultations on how to use the functionality of the Platform, online webinars (feedback sessions) that can be provided within the Module (Course)/Intensive, or other difficulties that the student may have during the Module (Course)/Intensive. The Projector may refuse such consultations if the requests do not relate to the Module (Course)/Intensive.

4.10. Completion of the Professium ends with final coursework. Subject to the successful completion of all Modules (Courses) (receiving certificates) and completion of the course work (acceptance by the curator), the student receives a Projector’s own-type diploma with an application.


5.1. Accept and pay for services.

5.2. Use the services personally, do not transfer access to the Module (Course)/Intensive, Educational materials to third parties, and do not purchase the Module (Course)/Intensive/Professium as a bundle.

5.3. Do not spread, do not distribute in any way all or any part of the materials of the Module (Course)/Intensive to third parties.

5.4. Do not publicly insult (in social networks, internal chats, etc.) the curator, manager or other student of the Module (Course)/Intensive.

5.5. Do not place on the Site or in any services related to the Module (Course)/Intensive materials that violate the copyright, personal rights of others.

5.6. The use of other people's work, third-party help, as well as artificial intelligence (AI) (unless directly authorized by the curator) for homework and course projects is prohibited. We expect Students to work on their projects for their own development, not just to get a certificate. Projector will not check the works for plagiarism (using other people's works as their own) and/or unfair practice (performing with outside help, using AI), but the curators of the Module (Course)/Intensive understand if the work was performed not by the Student personally, or by the Student, but with third-party help and/or using AI. In this case, the teacher reserves the right not to give feedback and not to approve such performance. The same conditions apply to two identical works on the Course/Intensive. In cases of detection of these violations, Projector may unilaterally terminate the Contract ahead of schedule without returning the paid cost of the Module (Course)/Intensive.

5.7. Do not use obscene visas, coverage of pornographic, erotic or sexual nature; statements that cause deliberate provocation of different reactions of other participants of the Course.

5.8. Do not post advertisements, commercial messages, as well as messages that are not related to the subject of the Module (Course) (spam).


6.1. In case the Student violates his/her obligations under Section 5, as well as in case of late payment, Projector may prematurely unilaterally cancel the Contract, stop providing services and block access to the Educational Materials and the Platform.

6.2. In case of early termination of the contract in accordance with clause 6.1, the funds paid by the Student are not be returned.

6.3. In the case of detection by Projector of violations provided for in p. 5.2, 5.3, 7.4 of this contract, the Student is obliged to pay a fine in the amount of 300% of the cost of the Module (Course)/Intensive within 10 days from the day of receiving the demand, as well as compensate for damage (including general damages, consequential damages, expectation damages). Violations can be recorded by screenshots, software tools or facts of access to the Platform of third parties or any other means that prove violations.


7.1 Intellectual property rights to the Site, Educational materials used in the Platform, namely, images, videos, logos, graphics, and sounds, belong to Projector.

7.2 Projector uses the intellectual property rights that may belong to other persons based on a license, agreement, or other legal basis.

7.3. Projector does not transfer any intellectual property rights to such objects to the Student and does not grant permission to use them for purposes other than those specified in the contract.

7.4. Access to the content and any other intellectual property objects placed on the Site, as well as in programs and messengers related to the provision of services to the Student, is provided exclusively for personal non-commercial use without the right to reproduce (including copying/ downloading/saving) of such objects in the memory of the Student's (any other person's) equipment, without the right to distribute the content on the Internet, as well as without the right to any other use that is not provided for in this contract, including sale, modification, distribution in whole or in part (elements).

7.5. The Student grants the Projector (and/or the Customer*) free of charge permission (non-exclusive, perpetual, irrevocable license, without limitation of territory) to distribute all works performed by the Student during the Module (Course)/Intensive in social networks, on the Site and/or on any other resources without using them for commercial purposes (i.e. without receiving payment from third parties for use). Such works can be performed by one student and in co-authorship with other students or a curator.

* The Customer is a person (company) that contacted Projector to conduct certain research, to develop a concept, etc., within which the student developed certain works independently or in co-authorship.

7.6. Please note, that the webinars can be recorded for further distribution of such recordings as educational material among the other students of this Course (Module)/Intensive. By accepting this contract, the Student (his legal representative) grants Projector irrevocable, free of charge, non-exclusive permission to record and fix the image of the Student (taken from the camera of the device from which the Student joins the webinar), as well as to distribute such recordings among other students. If you do not agree with the above, please join the webinars with the camera turned off on your device. However, please note that in certain cases, turning on the camera is mandatory and the fact of your participation in the webinar (class) without turning on the camera may result in the curator not counting your visit or such fact can in some other way prevent your participation in training and the provision of services to you. Therefore, by turning off the camera, you act at your own risk and under your responsibility.

7.7. We may ask you to provide your photo (or invite you to take a photo/video shoot) to place it on our resources in informational materials related to training in Projector. By submitting your photo to us or participating in a shoot, you grant Projector a free, perpetual, irrevocable consent (permission) to produce and use such photos/videos, namely: for public display, reproduction, distribution of photos featuring the Student and audiovisual works and videograms with his participation, including for advertising purposes, in particular, but not exclusively: on the sites used by the Projector, in social media, in electronic and printed publications, in information and other materials related to the activities of the Projector.

7.8. The Student (his legal representative) grants the Projector free of charge, indefinite consent (permission) for public reproduction, placement of the name (surname, first name) of the Student, including for advertising purposes, in particular, but not exclusively: on sites used by Projector, in social media, in electronic and printed publications, in informational and other materials related to the activities of Projector. Such placement can only occur in materials related to taking Courses in Projector and their results.

7.9. Please note that by providing us with comments and feedback (in created chats, in forms on the website, under posts and other publications in social media and on other platforms, etc.) regarding the Services/Projector/Projector’s representatives/Platform, you give us your consent to use (in particular, by publishing on the pages of websites and social media, while the name (nickname) of your profile may be displayed), as well as to transfer of such comments/feedback to third parties for any purpose, without obtaining your additional consent.


8.1. We understand that life's objective circumstances can make unforeseen adjustments to the possibility of fulfilling this contract, and we hereby assume that the Projector and/or the student are released from responsibility for partial or complete non-fulfillment of their obligations, if their fulfillment is prevented by an extraordinary and unavoidable of these conditions by an event (force majeure), including, but not limited to: military actions, riots or sabotage; natural disasters; disconnection of electricity supply, Internet or telecommunications; the introduction of state restrictions that make it impossible for the service to function on time and in full, and/or any other circumstances, as a result of which Projector objectively cannot provide services in a timely, complete, high-quality, etc. manner. The term of fulfillment of obligations in this case is postponed according to the time during which such circumstances and their consequences are in effect, until the moment when the full operation of the Projector and the Site are restored.

8.2. We will immediately inform about the occurrence of force majeure circumstances, as well as their termination and resumption of Projector operation by posting information on the Site.

8.3. Please note that in order to preserve the Projector and guarantee the possibility of resuming its operation, during the period of force majeure, but no more than 180 (one hundred and eighty) calendar days, we will not be able to refund the money paid by the student for training. However, we will take all measures within our power to shorten this period.

8.4. At the same time, if the circumstances specified in clause 8.1 will last more than 180 (one hundred and eighty) calendar days, the Student has the right to refuse the services unilaterally by notifying in writing to, and ask questions about the return of paid funds for studies that have not been started/completed. In this case, we will refund you, minus the cost of the services actually provided. At the same time, Projector will do everything possible to consider your appeal as soon as possible, but no longer than within 20 (twenty) calendar days, and in case of justification - will refund the funds within 30 (thirty) calendar days.


9.1. Some of our Modules/Courses/Professiums/Intensives are aimed at progressive youth. In a case if a juvenile (up to 14 years old) or a minor (from 14 to 18 years old), hereinafter referred to as "adolescent", is registered for the Module/Course/Professium/Intensive, then the responsibility for the execution of this contract rests with their legal representatives (parents, guardians).

9.2. We base our relationships with you on trust and decency, and therefore we believe that if an adolescent registers for a Module/Course/Professium/Intensive, makes payment, that is, accepts this contract, then all the specified actions are performed under the control of a responsible person - a legal representative. Therefore, by accepting the contract, the legal representative of the adolescent assures us and guarantees that he/she has the necessary legal capacity, as well as all the rights and powers necessary and sufficient to conclude and execute the relevant transaction, including based on Part 2 of Art. 65, 1, 2 Art. 74 of the Family Code of Ukraine, valid with the consent of the second spouse, and in the case of being in an unregistered marriage, with the consent of another person with whom he/she lives in the same family, but is not married to each other or is in any other marriage.

9.3. We only provide training for the student, in accordance with the program of the selected Module (Course)/ Intensive. Care and/or supervision of a minor, carrying out any educational activities, are not parts of our duties.

9.4. Student who has not reached the age of 14 is a juvenile in accordance with the current legislation of Ukraine and is not responsible for the damage caused to us and/or a third party. The legal representative bears full responsibility for the specified damage.

9.5. A student between 14 and 18 years of age is a minor in accordance with the current legislation of Ukraine and is responsible for damage caused to us and/or a third party in accordance with the current civil legislation of Ukraine. In the part in which the Student cannot held responsibility for the damage caused by him/her, the legal representative is liable to us and/or third parties.


10.1. In case of dispute, Projector makes every effort to its settlement. If the Parties fail to settle the dispute by negotiations, such dispute shall be brought for resolution to the court under the law of Ukraine.

10.2. The contract is valid until the end of the Course/Module/Professium/Intensive in accordance with the Program.

10.3. By joining this contract, the student (his/her legal representative) gives to Projector the right to collect, process and store his/her personal data in accordance with the Projector Privacy Policy.

10.4. Projector may unilaterally change the terms of this contract by posting the new version of the Public offer on the Site. If Student disagrees with the changed conditions, he/she has the right to terminate this Contract unilaterally by means of notification of Projector.

10.5 Unless otherwise provided hereby, the conditions established by the legislation of Ukraine shall apply.

10.6. Unless otherwise provided hereby, sufficient proof of the actions performed by the student will be information (accounting) records in the relevant programs used by the Projector and/or on the servers that ensure the operation of the Site, regardless of the method and/or technical device with which they are were carried out.

10.7. Projector is not responsible to the student:

- if the Student refuses to receive services (termination of studies);

- for illegal actions of third parties, as well as for the consequences of force majeure such as natural disasters, fire, flood, military actions of any nature, blockades, significant changes in the legislation in force on the territory of Ukraine, emergency lack of Internet connection, other circumstances beyond the control of the Projector and/or third parties engaged by it, as a result of which the Student cannot receive services in a timely manner and/or in full;

- for any damage caused to the Student as a result of his own actions and/or actions of third parties, for which Projector is not responsible;

- for the impossibility of providing services as a result of the Student's expulsion from the Course on the grounds specified herein.

10.8. By joining this Public Offer, the student grants Projector permission to record telephone conversations for the purpose of monitoring and improving the service, as well as to use such recordings as evidence in court, other bodies and institutions.

ProjectorLimited Liability Company “PROJECTOR SCHOOL”, or any other individual or legal person who uses the commercial designation or trademark “PROJECTOR” when conducting business with other persons.

Details: LLC “PROJECTOR SCHOOL”, code 43502010, Ukraine, 01033, Kyiv, Volodymyrska str., bldg. 81-A, tel. +380674189578, e-mail: