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Interface Design

Growth Design

dive into growth-driven design and user acquisition, activation, retention, and monetization



2+ years of experience working with a product


March 26


25 students


3 months

if you:

  • 01

    aim to drive users to the value and business to growth in product metrics

  • 02

    strive to design experiments and enhance collaboration with designers

  • 03

    want to provide your growth design team with efficient feedback

sFor whom

…then it’s a match!

You’ll zoom into a growth-driven design methodology and learn to impact key product metrics through changes in interface and design. You’ll discover how these metrics work and create design solutions directly linked to a project’s growth.

you’ll master

hard skills

  • working with qualitative and quantitative data
  • formulating hypotheses
  • designing artifacts related to product growth tasks
  • impacting product metrics through design
just what
you need

soft skills

  • product and business thinking
  • providing quality feedback to a team working on growth, including designers
  • ability to delve into a problem’s details


new insights and challenges


Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday — 19:00

01.growth and a designer's impact on a product
02.key metrics and typical tasks
03.qualitative data
04.quantitative data
05.formulating hypotheses
you’ll have40 webinars, including8 Q&A sessionsanda project for a real client



Product Designer at Djinni.

Stas Govorukhin

10 years in the industry. Formerly – Growth Designer at Miro and a Product Designer at Uklon. He enhances a job search platform by working with data, running experiments, and impacting product metrics. Stas has hands-on experience in the activation and retention of new users.

the one who’s there for you

Stas Govorukhin

Stas Govorukhin

Product Designer at Djinni


He enhances a job search platform by working with data, running experiments, and impacting product metrics. Stas has hands-on experience in the activation and retention of new users. He also teaches this to others at the user onboarding design workshop

Studying process

what you’re in for

training by Projector

  • a real project as a demo version of the profession — you use newly acquired skills to work on a business or state task with your challenges, edits and feedback
  • work 1:1 with the curator, you receive regular feedback that leads to the decision «this is it»
  • interactive online lectures — you reinforce theory with practice live, actively analyze projects with the curator and the group, work out solutions
  • certificate for achievements — completion of homework and successful defence of the course project

pay monthly

payment option

15 750 грн/month

in case of installment payments price of the course 47 250 грн

pay for the whole course
with a discount

payment option

15 000 грн/month

when paying in a single payment price of the course 45 000 грн

here's how to get on the course

  • 1apply for the course

  • 2tell about yourself

  • 3pay

  • 4start studying

92,7% of students are satisfied with studying at the Projector, and 82,2% of students managed to realize their goals with the help of courses

*According to the research of the Projector.
The study involved 567 respondents
among graduates of the courses in 2022.


what software will we work with?
how much time should I allocate for homework?
will webinars be recorded?
will I receive a sertificate?
what if I don't like the course (after the studying starts)?

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