Marketing Management

Product-Led Growth

The course is for those who want to master the best practices of product-led growth, understand user needs, learn how to model the customer journey, and monetize users.


Understanding the audienceʼs needs and being able to meet them is one of the critical aspects of developing and improving products. We will learn how to build a PLG strategy that will help develop products and independently attract usersʼ attention — we will learn in the Product-Led Growth course.

Within two months of studying, you will learn to understand the frameworks and methodologies of Product-Led Growth, as well as:
— analytics for measuring the success of the strategy implemented;
— determination of product performance and user metrics;
— product improvement methods based on user data and market trends.

In addition, you will learn how to form a growth hypothesis for different companies, launch your monetization campaigns and evaluate their effectiveness, create a Product-Led-Sales (PLS) strategy, and develop your product development mix.

Apply what you learned while working on your portfolio project for an AI company based and funded in Silicon Valley, Leap.

26 August 2024 2 months course: lectures on Monday, webinars on Wednesdays
23 500 UAH 47 000 UAH in one payment,
or 24 675 UAH per month
20 students we pay attention to every student, so the group size is limited


Author of the course Kateryna Fuentes
Guest lecturer Claudio Fuentes
Guest lecturer Kierra Laube
Guest lecturer Alex Celetti

Course program

  • Introduction

    • — PLG: Definition and Benefits.
    • — The Origin of Growth.
    • — The 3 Growth Personas.
    • — Self-serve Acquisition. Self-serve Activation. Self-serve Monetization.
    • — User Journey.
    • — Growth Hypothesis (Use Cases, 4 Factors, Growth Motion Mix).
  • Monetization

    • — Monetization Fundamentals.
    • — Conversion Tactics.
    • — Value Metrics.
    • — Pricing & Packaging.
    • — Product-Led Sales (PLS).
    • — PLG Escalator.
    • — Self-serve vs. Product-led Sales (PLS) Monetization.
    • — The 4 Product-Led Sales Campaign Types.
    • — Product-Qualified Accounts (PQA) Model.
    • — The Difference Between PQAs & PQLs.
    • — How to Build a PQA Model.
    • — Best Practices of Working With Sales.
  • Monetization Campaign Frameworks

    • — Land vs. Expand.
    • — Monetization Campaigns Channels.
    • — Email Copy Framework & Best Practices.
    • — Campaign Brief Framework.
    • — Launch In-product And Email Campaign for Leap.
  • Measuring Impact

    • — Measuring The Impact Of Your Campaigns.
    • — Setting Objectives.
    • — The 2 Scorecard Types.
    • — Building 2 Scorecards Together.
    • — Live With The Guest Speakers From Rippling And Amplitude On Measuring Campaign Impact.
  • Career & Salary Negotiation

    • — Resume and Job Application Frameworks.
    • — Salary Negotiation Playbook.

The course is for

Digital Marketing Specialists

who work in product companies and want to go deeper into the frameworks and concepts to drive product-led growth (PLG)

Product Manager / Digital Marketing Manager / Growth Marketing Manager / Lifecycle Marketing Manager / Growth Marketing Specialist / Digital Marketing Specialist / CMO / CPO / CEO


who have a basic understanding of marketing and how the world of technology works, as well as a strong desire to work in fast-growing companies

Account Executives / Sales Development Representatives / Customer Success Managers / Software Engineers / Quality Assurance Engineers / Security Engineers / Full-Stack Developers


Middle (familiar with marketing and working with the product)


Upper intermediate or Advanced level


Google Documents, Google Sheets, Intercom, Userflow


What is Product Led Growth?

Product Led Growth is a business strategy based on using the product as the primary means of attracting, motivating and retaining customers.

I'm familiar with marketing but don't have experience with growth. Will I be able to study?

Yes, but you will need more time and motivation for the homework to keep up.

Will webinars be recorded?

They will, but you better reserve the time to join them online — it will be interesting there.

Will video lessons be available to me after the course ends?

Yes, access to the video will be available within 12 months after graduation.

Will I receive a sertificate?

Yes, if you make an effort. To receive a certificate, you need to complete at least 70% of homework, receive feedback and «credited» from the supervisor, as well as submit and defend a course project. The deadline for submission and enrollment of works is the date of release or defense before the customer.

What if I don't like the course (after the studying starts)?

Notify us within 7 days — and we will return the money.